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BUSSE Green Technologies Inc.
Ingo Schaefer
P.O. Box 1123
Oak Park, Illinois 60304
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Optimized sewage treatment system for the ADAC driving safety centre Grevenbroich

The sewage treatment system at the ADAC driving safety centre in Grevenbroich has been optimized during the last weeks. It has been expanded from 48 p. e. (population equivalent) to twice as much. The smooth reconstruction during ongoing operation was ensured by the manufacturer, Busse IS GmbH, the ADAC Nordrhein e. V., as well as the ABS Fahrsicherheitszentrum GmbH. The new system was officially handed over by Dipl.-Ing. Axel Radlbeck, service and sales manager of Busse IS, to ADAC Nordrhein at the 10th of November 2011.

The extension of the existing BusseMF was necessary due to the increased requirements of the operator. „The driving safety centre in Grevenbroich is the biggest and the most modern one in North-Rhine Westphalia. The ADAC guarantees top-service for up to 1.000 guests a day. This does of course not only apply for the driving events“, ADAC expert Dr. Roman Suthold explains.

The ADAC places emphasis on the sustainability of the BusseMF. Due to the increased number of visitors after all up to 15.000 litres of waste water per day can run through the plant. The system restores waste water to a hygienic condition fit for use as re-use water. Besides sewage treatment plants for domestic use Busse IS has specialized in large systems for up to 500 p. e. Those are being used e. g. in hotels, apartment buildings or as a decentralized solution for whole sites.

Modern small scale sewage treatment plant for the Ecological Rhine Station of the University of Cologne

A small scale sewage treatment system with membrane bioreactor technology has been put into service on the boathouse of the University of Cologne on the 15. September 2011. The system developed by the Busse IS GmbH Leipzig cleans the waste water directly on the boat, which formerly belonged to the rowing department of the university. This is possible due to the micro filtration technology developed by Busse. With the micro filtration the at present best purification process in decentralised waste water treatment is used. Even bacteria and germs are being eliminated. Thus, the water treated by the system can be used as re-use water for toilet flushing or for cleaning the deck. It can be discharged directly in the river Rhine alternatively. Another advantage of the Busse-system that has been developed in cooperation with the German Federal Environment Agency and the German Environment Foundation: Due to its compact and modular structure it can be used at sites with limited space available. It can also be easily adapted for installation on ships or house boats. On the boathouse the Ecological Rhine Station of the University of Cologne is situated. Water from the river is continuously pumped through different flumes and aquaria on board to carry out experiments with typical running water organisms under defined conditions. Two laboratories have watertight floors. Other rooms are used for microscopy, handling of field samples and desk work.

Commissioning of the first Busse MBR system in Vancouver, Canada, June 2011

On 24th of June 2011 the first Busse MBR system in Canada was brought into service. The system was installed in a highly sensitive nature and water protected area of Vancouver. It recycles the waste water in the reference house of the Canadian co-operator Janda-Busse Treatment Systems Inc. The sanitized waste water is re-used for housekeeping. Dispensable filtrate can be discharged to the riverbanks of a branch of the Fraser River.

Only by using the Busse MBR system the structural site was development in the protected area was possible. In 2012 five more buildings using the Busse system will be built there.

Trade fair and business delegation trip to Qatar with the Saxon Minister of Economic Affairs, Sven Morlock, and the business development department of Saxony

In line with a business delegation trip with the Saxon Minister of Economic Affairs, Sven Morlock, and the business development department of Saxony (direction: Peter Notnagel) on the occasion of the international Bauchfach- und Umweltmesse „Project Qatar“ in May 2011 the companies Busse und Busse IS GmbH presented themselves in a joint booth for business’ of Saxony. Experts from all over the Arabian area showed huge interest in the local waste water treatment system with the Busse MBR technology. One of the agenda items of the business trip was a briefing by the German ambassador in Qatar as well as visits of the leading building and technology companies and meetings in the Ministry of Economics and Trade.

Commissioning of the first Busse MBR system in the US federal states Maine and Maryland, April 2011

The first Busse MBR system in the US state of Maine was put into service on 8th of April in Brunswick which is located on a coast. The system, which received NSF International standards 40 and 245 certification for USA and North America in 2008, was installed in a private home. It allows the re-use of the filtrate on the property.

The first Busse MBR system in the US state of Maryland recycles the special waste water at the research centre of the US Department of Defence in Baltimore since 12th of April 2011.

Besides Maine and Baltimore the Busse MBR has by now also been given admission by the respective Departments of Environmental Protection of Rhode Island, Connecticut, North Carolina and New Jersey. It is the first waste water treatment plant of ist kind allowed in the New England states.

Business delegation trip to Vietnam with the Saxon Prime Minister, Stanislaw Tillich

The chief operating officer of the Busse IS GmbH, Anja Busse, took part on a business delegation trip to Vietnam with the Saxon Prime Minister, Stanislaw Tillich, from the 26th of March to the 1st of April 2011. 60 participants from politics, economics and the media were given the opportunity to visit Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in order to be informed about the economic situation in Vietnam. Furthermore they spoke about the chances of market entrance for Saxon businesses and the transfer of technologies from Saxony to Vietnam in the area of cooperation and joint ventures. Ms. Busse visited successfully established cooperation projects and held conversations about new projects in the departments of trade, economics and the environment. She also made the initial contact with potential Vietnamese partner companies.

TerraTec 2011 in Leipzig – At the booth of the German Environment Foundation, 25.-27.01.2011

The Saxon Minister of Environment, Frank Kupfer, was informed when visiting the booth of the German Environment Foundation by Dipl.-Ing. Ralf-Peter Busse about the operation and advantages of the Busse MBR system.

Mr. Kupfer and his delegation showed special interest in the ecological house building project in Berlin Charlottenburg called „Grüne 9“, which for the first time combines waste water recycling with waste heat recovery. With the help of a Busse MBR system with a two-step barrier technology the waste water from the apartment building will be recycled and used as re-use water in the 125 apartments. The system produces up to 15 m³ aseptic re-use water per day, which is fit for flushing toilets or supplying washing machines. Therefore a savings of almost 50 per cent of drinking water is possible. The waste heat from the water is used to heat the water in the apartment building. From 15 m³ of re-use water about 170 KWh per day of thermal energy can be produced.

In January 2011 Busse GmbH and Busse IS GmbH were again presented as innovative pioneers for the ecological effluent free manufacture of their technological developments at the booth of the German Environment Foundation.